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Frequently Asked Questions about the AtAppStore

If you have a question about the AtAppStore, please email us at info@atappstore.com

How can I get an Account on the AtAppStore?

Sign up for free on our login page, where there's also a video showing How To sign up an AtAppStore Account.

What is your affiliation with Workfront?

We are independent partners of Workfront, and started the AtAppStore in 2009. In consultation with Workfront's executives and employees, we have leveraged our familiarity with their WebService APIs to bring innovative AtApps to the Workfront community. Our goal is to provide these AtApps at an attractive price, allowing Workfront users to save time.

How are the AtApps Organized?

Each AtApp can be included in one or more Categories, and may appear more than once within the AtAppStore, depending on how you navigate to it.

How can I find a particular AtApp?

Type in a search term in the top right textbox, then click the magnifying glass to search the AtApp names and descriptions for that term. All AtApps that match will be returned.

Do you have an online catalog of available AtApps?

Yes we do have an online catalog.

How are the AtApps priced?

Each AtApp is priced separately, based on the value of its functionality and the amount of data being updated. On average, we strive to price our AtApps at 1/5th the cost of what it would take to perform the same activity 'By Hand' in Workfront.

Who thinks up these AtApps?

Each AtApp comes from real-world requests from our Workfront clients and colleagues.

Can I suggest an AtApp?

Absolutely. Please email us at tech@atappstore.com. We would appreciate it if you would follow our Challenge/Solution convention to describe your idea. Although we can not guarantee if or when we may develop the AtApp, we do take all serious requests into consideration, and try our best to respond directly to your emails.

Can I fund a private AtApp?

Perhaps. The AtAppStore already accomodates a number of private AtApps for our clients. In such cases, additional development fees do apply. If you are interested in discussing a private AtApp, please email us at sales@atappstore.com.

Do you provide Workfront consulting?

We do. Please email us at sales@atappstore.com for more information.