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To monitor usage and encourage adoption in an easy, transparent, and fun manner.
UserWatch is an add-in Package developed for Workfront Administrators that provides valuable insight into which users are best adopting the Workfront system...and how they are using it. From one informative Dashboard, several reports can be easily generated that do exactly this:

Last 7 Days Login shows which users have logged in within the past seven days so you can quickly monitor (and congratulate) them

Last 7 Days Hours shows which users have entered hours within the past seven days, giving you a quick way to monitor and improve time recording. The report highlights days with none in grey, days with less than 8 hours in yellow, days with exactly 8 in green, and days over 8 hours in red. You can easily adjust the thresholds to suit your own business rules.

Activity Edits Today/Last Week/Last Month are three column charts showing the number of recent edits by user by day in the past day, week, and month, respectively. The charts tell a quick story on whose active, and what the recent trends are. Being interactive, you can easily click into a particular user's bar to get a sense of the data they've been editing.

Activity Edits Trend offers you prompts for Owner Name, Project Name, and Entry Date, then presents a line chart of the edits that match that criteria, giving an insightful trend of activity over time (by week). You can easily adjust the prompt options and level of detail to suit your business requirements.

Account Setup Badges ranks every Active User with points they can earn from Gold, Silver, and Bronze Badges for setting up their Workfront account and keeping it current. The report uses data from a User level Custom Form of the same name (also included) that tracks a ten different Calculated Parameters, as well as the points total. You can attach the form directly to users, or add the fields to existing Custom Forms manually, or using our Update Category AtApp (sold separately). The report is a fun way to encourage users to participate and engage, and is designed to make it easy to rank standings and award prizes, if you'd like to have some friendly competition.

If you want to get a better sense for how Workfront is being adopted by your users and how it is impacting overall performance, license UserWatch today!

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