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What is the best way to see users' "Working On" and "Work Requests" info/tasks that are no longer included in the New Workfront Experience?
Deploy this package to your environment so you can use the Assignment Report for Team solution that Anthony Imgrund of FCB developed and presented at LEAP, and as he suggested, then feel free to adapt it by:

- Add the column Assignment -> Status to let you know if the task or issue is still a Work Request or if the user has select Work On It, and/or

- Updating (or removing) the default HomeTeamID in the Project Filter in order to retrieve the data of interest, and

- Add a report prompt for Assigned To ID so that you can pick and choose the users you want to see, and then in the filters, you can remove the Assigned To Home Group ID filters since you won't need them

If you have any questions (or would like to thank Anthony for sharing), please drop him a line via https://one.Workfront.com


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