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How can I track, trend, and improve my Request / Issue Management within Workfront?
Deploy our AtAppDemo Open Issues package into your environment, navigate to and filter for the Users of interest, set the view to AtApp Open Issues Report, bulk update those Users to AtApp Open Issues Report Activated = Yes, add our AtAppDemo Open Issues Report (Portfolio), AtAppDemo Open Issues Report (Program), and/or AtAppDemo Open Issues Report (Project) custom sections (or tabs in Workfront Classic) to those Users' Layout Templates, open the AtApp Open Issues Report (Standalone Dashboard), set the Report Options (e.g. "Show Portfolios = Yes", etc.), set the desired Date range and Issue Filter, then click View Report to render the report. Assess the results (adjusting the Report Options and re-running the report to Show more details), then click any specific Portfolio, Program, or Project listed to open it, then click its corresponding AtAppDemo Open Issues custom section (or tab in Workfront Classic), noting that each will self-filter to the context of that level.

NOTE: this is an introductory offer for a LIMITED TRIAL until March 31, 2023. Refer to our catalog for more information.


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