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How can I manage Approved, Forecast, and Actual Hours and Hour Costs and Projections at the Project, Department, Role, and User level?
Deploy our AtAppDemo AFA Burn Report with Baseline+ package into your environment, attach and update the desired Projects with our AFAR Price To Client custom form and field, add and share our AtApp AFA All (Project) filter plus our AtAppDemo Baselineᐩ (Standalone) dashboard and/or AtAppDemo Baselineᐩ (Project), and AtAppDemo AFA Burn Report (Project) custom sections to the desired Users' Layout Templates, click the resulting AtAppDemo Baseline+ dashboard or custom section to generate either non or default Baseline+ advanced Baseline Details, click the resulting AtAppDemo AFE Burn Report custom section, choose the desired Date Range and Settings for page header, USD (default) vs Project currency, level of detail (Total, Department, Role, or User), set the optional Delta Cutoff +/- amount to control positive (blue) and negative (red) highlighting, click View Report to see the resulting Margin Summary, Selected Detail vs Summary, as well as summarized Approved, Forecast, Scope Creep, Actual, Remaining, and Burn Projection Hours and Hour Costs.

NOTE: this is an introductory offer for a LIMITED TRIAL until April 30, 2023. Refer to our catalog for more information.


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